About Me

Hey, My name is Abdo Rakhma. I live in Amsterdam and I am currently a Senior Software engineer @ YourCampus, A Dutch Startup that simplifies flexible compensation of employees by enabling employers a way to reward and retain their workforce.

I grew up in the very south of the kingdom of Morocco in a small-town surrounded by desert called "Laayoune". it's there where I discover that I'm in love with computers. From an early age, I started reading about computers and technology and decided to get my hands dirty in learning how to code and how to understand these machines. I got my first diploma at the age of 13, a diploma that certifies that I'm capable of understanding the basics of how computers work, their composition, and how to write basic scripts in Visual Basic.

Besides my interest in Computers, I was drawn to learning Physics and Maths, always been fascinated by how things work, and how things interact with each other. All of that curiosity pushed me to study Physics & Maths in my first 2 years in University before continuing my path in the one thing I love the most, Computer Science.

I have started sharpening my skills in developing good software from working as a freelancer, where my real professional journey started. Working remotely as a freelancer allowed me to ensure that I deliver the best software quality, to learn & understand fast new technologies that are demanded in the market, and to develop my communication skills to ensure understanding and clarity with my clients.

After years of working as a freelancer, I decided to enrich my experience and start working in a more professional environment where I can work with a team and share knowledge and learn more. Therefore, I worked with Startups where I refined my skills in working under-pressure and delivering scalable software in relatively short periods of time. Also worked with big companies where I developed my soft-skills and become experienced in working in an Agile way

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